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From Black Spin:

"Don't you hate it when some fool tweaks raw racial sores and the First Amendment just to get attention?


Allow me to introduce you to the latest, and one of the most offensive perpetrators: Michael Hunt. Hunt, a black man, walked into a Los Angeles City Council meeting and refused to remove his Klan hood. Consequently, the meeting was shut down because a whole group of people just got up and left. …

Hunt, an African American, submitted a card to speak during the standard public comment period and was called to the microphone by Councilman Dennis Zine, who was presiding officer.

Mr. Hunt, you're going to have to remove your hood," Zine told Hunt twice.

"Are you refusing to remove your hood? … Mr. Hunt, we can't hear you. Remove your hood."

Source: Man Attends City Council Meeting Dressed in KKK Robe - KTLA

Mayor Sam's 'Sister City' blog refers to Hunt as "an African American Klansman and jackass-at-large." Co-sign! And Hunt's done it before.

It is a testament to the civility of the other city council attendess that Hunt emerged unharmed. Hunt better count his blessings that this all went down in the City of Angels."


Yay for the First Amendment! Boo to idiots!

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