Does Brett Kavanaugh Have a Race Issue?

Brett Kavanaugh is well on his way to joining the highest court of the land. While we know Kavanaugh is accused of sexual assault, how about his relationship with race?

In 2002, Brian Hundley was in his car when a D.C. police officer tapped on his window. The 41-year-old was asked to get out of the car. Hundley got out, and the officer thought he was reaching for a gun. Hundley was shot and killed.


Brian Hundley’s family filed a lawsuit for wrongful death and a jury awarded them $242,000 in damages, but this was a fraction of what the family asked for, so they filed an appeal.

During the appeal, Kavanaugh and two other judges on the DC Court of Appeals decided to reverse the family’s cash award, toss out the jury’s entire verdict and send the family back to the lower court to go through a whole ’nother trial. Kavanaugh wrote in his opinion:

It was Hundley’s intervening intentional misconduct that caused Officer Gaines’s intervening shooting, which in turn caused the death of Hundley.


The court also said police might be liable for excessive force and assault and battery.

From the case of #BrianHundley, to his stance on voter ID laws, and his interpretation of the Fourth Amendment, we think it’s safe to say that Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh won’t be good for black folks.

See the entire video above.

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Brett Kavanaugh on the court won’t be good for anyone aside from the rich, corporations, and Donald Trump. Well, and white people who don’t care about their own fates as long as they can continue “owning the libs”.

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