Do Mormons Still Have a Race Problem?

Has the Mormon Church left its race problem behind? It looks like Obama just might be running against Mitt Romney in 2012. The New Republic takes a look at whether the GOP presidential hopeful's church has gotten over its "black problem."

How cops really feel about Occupy Wall Street: They're certainly not members of the 1 percent. But does that mean they're sympathetic to the protests? Slate's Peter Moscas investigates.


South African president gets tough: Is he finally taking on corruption in the country, or is he just going after his enemies?

Iconic Ebony covers: Sixty-six years ago, Publisher John H. Johnson launched Ebony magazine, a monthly lifestyle publication that focused on issues and stars of particular importance to the black community. Talke a walk down memory lane with these iconic covers.   

In other news: VIDEO: Locked-Out Knicks Visit Sesame Street.

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