Do I Really Want All Trump Supporters To Die? Nah! Just Those Fueled By Hate (Which Admittedly Is Alot Of Them)

Jeff Swensen/Getty Images
Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

Earlier this week, I wrote a quick piece articulating that my support for Hillary Clinton is largely due to my animus towards supporters of Donald Trump. An animus that exists because of an unambiguous animus many of them carry towards me and people who look like me.


I also gave this piece a title that, well, speaks for itself:

"I'm Voting For Hillary Because I Want Trump Supporters To Lose Badly And Go And Fucking Die"

While it was received quite well by our audience — shared and retweeted thousands of times — it also drew the attention of numerous conservative websites, including The Daily Caller, whose headline about the piece reads "Ebony Editor: I Want Trump Supporters To Die." (The "EBONY Editor" part is quite amusing, mainly because I haven't been that in over a year. I guess I should update my tagline. How does "Thinkpiece Mercenary" sound?)

I'm assuming this attention is where the couple dozen or so hate emails and death threats I've received over the past couple days stem from. Either that or some people are still really, really, really upset about my thoughts on grits.

Anyway, seeing that we have some new readers today, I'd like to clarify my thoughts. Below are my clarified thoughts, expressed in an exclusive interview with myself.

So, earlier this week you wrote a piece stating that you want Trump supporters to die.


I did.

Were you sincere with that assertion?

That's a very interesting and very stupid question. Basically, that question was Cam Newton's sartorial decisions.


How so?

Well, Donald Trump might receive 60 million or so votes next week. And I'm not Joseph Stalin or the guy who told Arby's to sell Smokehouse Pork Belly sandwiches. I do not want 60 million people to die.


I'm also aware that there are many people voting for Trump out of party loyalty. And some out of hate for Hillary Clinton. And some who happen to be single-issue voters. And some whose antipathy for Washington is so deep that they'd vote for an empty bottle of Aquafina before a career politician. And some who actually may have been hurt financially by Obamacare. And some who just might be genuinely enthused by his tax and labor plans. And some who give two shits about the election, but just think it would be cool if the guy from Home Alone 2 was President.

Do I believe they're making a myopic, terrible, reckless, and stupid as the fuck fucking decision with potentially catastrophic consequences? Yes! But do I want these people to die and shit? Nah. They can live. The world's a better place with Omarosa in it.


You don't want them to die, not even a little bit?


Not even a itsy bitsy teenie weenie bit of death?



As stated in the piece, my feelings are directed towards those fueled by bias and bigotry. The people whose support of Trump is directly tied to their hate for people who look like me and don't look like them. The people who see "Make America Great Again" and wish to transport the country back to a time when the rights of Blacks and women and homosexuals and people who didn't happen to be Christians were either limited or outright nonexistent.


These people exist. There are a lot of these fucking people. And fuck those people.

You're not interested in any type of racial reconciliation or healing?

With people who hate me? Nah. I'm good. If they want to decide to stop hating on their own, great! I'll even save them some pretzels and grape juice if they want to come over. But reconciliation suggests that both parties need to work to come together. And I'm more interested in attending an all-Kappa game night than extending an olive branch to people who wish to see me drown.


So basically, you don't care if those people die?

Is it really that outrageous to say that you wouldn't mind if the people who want you dead — people who hate you for no other reason than the fact that your skin happens to be a bit browner than theirs — died before they made that happen?


I guess it's not.


Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB, a contributing opinion writer for The New York Times, and the author of What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Blacker (Ecco/HarperCollins)


AKA The Sauce

So this is why I don't do Trump supporters.

My mom (God Bless this fool) told me a story yesterday that..well…just read okay. She works for a major Pharma company and is one of the more highly respected people in her field due to her age and experience. So my mom who really doesn't talk politics a work ran in to a coworker who had questions that needed answers. After my mother tried to walk away from the conversation from 29 year old Becky, she forced to engage the foolishness. The comment that drug my mom in….

Becky (not her real name) "I'm just trying to understand why African Americans don't trust Trump. He reaches out and is really trying to help your people. I like you am a first gen College grad and…".

Mom: "First generation College grad"

Becky: "Yea, I'm the first in my family to graduate from college like you"

Mom: "Both my parents and my great Aunt graduated from College…Morehouse and Clark"

Becky: "Oh…I assumed"

Mom: " You assumed my family is uneducated like yours just like Trump assumes we all live in poverty and have nothing left to loose. I have a lot to loose…and so does my son…who also graduated from college and is currently working on an MBA"

When she told me this I had to pull over so I didn't wreck my car. The point is…I will never apoligise to any Trump supporter because they think so little of us. And those of us who are doing something…we just seem like an abnormality rather than the norm. They don't want us to be great just like they don't want America to be Great. Not really sure what happened after that convo but i'm sure others were involved and poor Becks had a bad day.