District Reverses Suspension of 4th-Grader Who Called Teacher 'Cute'

Emanyea Lockett, 9, was suspended for calling a teacher cute.
Emanyea Lockett, 9, was suspended for calling a teacher cute.

The furor surrounding the suspension of a fourth-grader in North Carolina for calling his teacher "cute" has resulted in the suspension being overturned. Nine-year-old Emanyea Lockett was suspended for "sexual harassment" after commenting that his teacher was "cute." Instead of chatting with the boy about how that comment could be construed as a compliment or an insult, the school's principal, Jerry Bostic, was promptly kicked out of Brookside Elementary.


The Gaston County school district launched an investigation after Lockett's mother informed the district about Bostic's decision and his labeling the incident as sexual harassment. In their investigation, Gaston County school officials found no evidence of sexual harassment.

Lockett's two-day suspension has been wiped from his record. An official letter of apology will be mailed to Lockett's family. Bostic, who resigned after being given the option of being demoted or resigning, stands by his decision.

We're glad that common sense has prevailed in this case. How many youngsters, male and female, have crushes on their teachers? We find it interesting that the pervasive storyline of the hot teacher can make its way throughout popular culture, but when a young black boy calls a teacher cute, he's demonized and labeled a sexual harasser. Something is very wrong with this picture.

We won't even mention how ridiculous it is that adults couldn't think of a better way to handle this situation. If the teacher and principal thought what Lockett said or the way he said it was inappropriate, then they should have talked to him about it. What happened to providing guidance, mentorship and advice to schoolchildren?

We're glad that Lockett can get back to being a student and a little boy. Since so many educators keep missing the memo, we'll make it plain: Black boys are kids, too, so stop demonizing them over foolishness.

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