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A New York mother is questioning why EMTs were late to the scene following a weekend fire in Queens that left her 4-year-old daughter and the girl's half-brother, also 4, dead, The New York Post reports.

Khalilah Waymer sang praises for the doctors at St. John’s Hospital saying they "broke their own rules" in trying to save Aniya Tinglin and her half-brother, Jai’Launi. 

"They said two doctors were working on them and that's not what they were supposed to do, but they were breaking their own rules trying to do everything possible to save them," Waymer told the Post.

But when it comes to the EMTs, Waymer is left racked with questions about the speed with which they responded.

According to the Post, after firefighters pulled the two children from the Queens home that caught fire late Saturday night, they started screaming at the paramedics who were slow to respond.


"But what happened here? What happened to the ambulances, where were they at?" Waymer told the Post. "It doesn’t make sense to me! What happened to their protocol here? Then when they got here, the EMTs didn’t move fast? They didn’t care about my baby?!"

Firefighters at the scene were reportedly livid that there were no paramedics on site to treat the children. There is a video circulating of the outraged firefighters who were shouting at paramedics as they took their time coming to the house, the Post reports.

"Stop walking and run!" one firefighter screams on the video, according to the Post. "Come on let's go! There's a f—king baby not breathing! Hurry up!"


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