Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele
Vanity Fair's 2014 Hollywood issue

The cover of Vanity Fair’s 2014 Hollywood issue is just oozing chocolate goodness: Idris Elba, Lupita Nyong’o, Michael B. Jordan and Naomie Harris—just to name a few. Below is an impromptu interview, in the form of a Gchat conversation, with Elizabeth Ozemebhoya, a former staffer at a Los Angeles entertainment agency. She waxes about who’s included and why, and drops a few gems about the politics behind these sorts of editorial selections and placements. She also tells us why she hopes Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, will give Kerry Washington her just due already.

The Root: look at all that brown sugar

Elizabeth Ozemebhoya: yeah … but awfully confused by the inclusion of Clooney and Julia, which I suspect was to bolster magazine sales


TR: do you have any solid arguments as to why they should have not been included? I mean, wasn't Julia in that movie that got all those nominations? although I must admit that I am confused by Clooney. OH … wait! [He was in] Gravity.

EO: Yes, but usually, Vanity has up-and-comers on the cover of this edition

TR: hmmmm

EO: But I guess this year they focused on great performances. But I still suspect they put Julia and Clooney on there for sales. Because let's be real, Lupita should've been on Idris' lap, and not the middle cover

TR: Chile I should've been on Idris' lap

EO: This is what I mean, they could give Lupita her big moment, like Anna [Wintour] could introduce her to the world with a Vogue cover


TR: true

EO: and say "Hear ye B**CHES. This is Lupita. And so it was written, and so it will be good.”


TR: ha

EO: Kerry Washington hasn't been on the cover of Vogue, has she?

TR: No, she has not

EO: That's insanity. She arguably is the most popular TV actress at the moment. Yet they try to make Blake Lively happen. Blake was on GOSSIP GIRL and has 2 or 3 Vogue covers. Ridiculous.


TR: Any thoughts on that Jared guy? Is that his name? White guy with the long hair? Looks like the Anglicized image of Christ.

EO:  Jared Leto. Nah … he was fantastic in Dallas Buyers Club

TR: seeing MBJ [Michael B. Jordan] just makes me frustrated that Fruitvale Station was overlooked by the award shows


EO: He's gotten exposure—which is just as important

TR: Does it mean anything that there's only one female on the cover? And they put the rest on the inside?


EO: Julia stands alone. 25 years later.

TR: Lupita looks like an Oscar. Here’s to hoping that's foreshadowing.

Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele is a staff writer at The Root and the founder and executive producer of Lectures to Beats, a Web show that parses those compelling topics in your favorite TV shows, songs and movies. Follow her on Twitter.

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