Digging for History in an Ancient 'Nation of Black People'


Egypt, I'm Here

In a recent trip to Egypt, Jonathan Pourzal volunteered with the South Asasif Conservation project. Take a look at a few photos of his experience and then read more about it as he excavates Egypt's black history and chases the past in the land of the Kemites.


On a Mission

The second ASA Restoration Project mission team of summer 2010.

To Restore a Tomb


Jonathan Pourzal assists two of the conservators to restore one of the columns in the tomb of Karakhamun.

Registering Tomb Remnants


Each recovered fragment of the tomb must be "registered," which consists of taking detailed notes that include a fragment's pigmentation, condition, type of damage and much more.

Putting the Pieces Together


Reconstructing the beautifully carved and painted walls and ceilings of the tomb is no easy task. It takes extensive detective work and craftsmanship.

Mastering Masonry


Pourzal assists a master stonemason in manually cutting a limestone block to be inserted into a restored tomb column.

Finding Hidden Treasures


Egyptian workers must sift through endless fragment piles of the tomb's limestone walls and ceilings.

Leading the Mission


Pourzal with Anthony Browder, who led groups on both a study tour and an excavation this summer.

Facing Egypt


Relief of Karakhamun on the wall of his tomb.

The Valley of the Nobles


Intricate relief carvings in a tomb at the Valley of the Nobles in Luxor.

Limestone Heave


Egyptian workers carry limestone blocks down a long ramp into the tomb.

Deep in the Tomb


An overhead view of the tomb and the excavation process.

Hot Sun, Hard Work


The master stonemason of the South Asasif Project manually chisels limestone blocks under the hot Egyptian sun.

Exploring the South Asasif Valley


Anthony Browder leads a tour of the tombs of the South Asasif Valley.

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