Here’s one more reason to keep General Motors afloat for at least a while longer, even as the company announced Thursday that it has revised its 2009 sales estimate downwarda black president has to have a brand new Cadillac. The Buzz doesn't have anything against imports, but let's face it, the Obama family just wouldn't look right stepping out of an E-Class or a Rover. And The Buzz quote of the year so far goes to GM spokesman David Caldwell. When queried by the BBC about the special features of Obama’s new ‘Lac, he replied, “One of the specifications is that we don’t talk about the specifications.” Enough said.

And while Chocolate City anxiously prepares for next week’s inauguration, the Chocolate-est City fights on as GM, the cornerstone of an industry that is the cornerstone of Detroit, tightens its belt and tries to get back on track. This week’s Detroit Auto Show, the granddaddy of auto shows, was a chance for the U.S. auto industry to showcase the cars that will propel their comeback. The Detroit Free Press reports that both friends and foes of the Detroit Big Three were in town this week to sample the merchandise. The hybrids look good, but the The Buzz wonders, with gas at less than $2.00 a gallon, will anyone buy them?