Just when you thought Jay-Z had jumped the shark—letting his Caesar get nappy, hobnobbing with Coldplay, not really seeming interested in trying at his craft—he comes back hard with 'D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)' in which he channels some Blueprint-era vitriol toward the inundation of Auto-Tune that has flooded hip hop in the last few years.

Over a gritty No ID/Kanye West guitar riff, the man who single-handedly killed jersey-wearing verbally thrashes today's musical circumstances, calling out rappers who sing horribly and openly questioning why, many millions of dollars in, he's still the hardest dude out. You know how Obama will charismatically chastise people? 'D.O.A.' is a little something like that.

Rest in peace, Auto-Tune.