There seems to be some chatter about Dick Parsons possibly getting the nod for Commerce Secretary. He's been aww-shucks-ing it up the press, but since "Dollar" Bill Richardson stepped away from the table and Dr. Sanjay Gupta has been tagged to be surgeon general, there's some sense of Disney magic floating around the beltway. Mr. T and Strawberry Shortcake could accept posts as defense secretary and envrionmental czar respectively, and t-shirt sales would go through the roof, but no one would blink an eye. But lets just wait a second.

I'm all for imagining the possiblities, the world of make-belive and such, but isn't Dick Parsons, like, the Grady Wilson of high finance: well-meaning, personable, but completely inept? You give him something valuable like a lottery ticket, bottle of Ripple, TimeWarner or Citigroup, he hopes for the best as some scheme he had takes a turn around the crapper, and when Fred and Lamount come around asking for an explaination, he's all teeth and snickers. Good googily-moogily.

I guess Parsons's advising Obama, and that makes a little more sense. But Parsons in the White House? Really?


As Fred Sanford might say… "Barack Obama, you Big Dummy."

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