The director of a Detroit nonprofit is trying to wrap his head around the fact that he was denied delivery of a specially requested bounce house all because of the city in which the organization is located.

According to WXYZ, Deon Mullen, the director of the Franklin Wright Settlement, which has been in business on the east side of Detroit for more than 134 years, said that Awesome Bounce in Canton, Ohio, flat-out told him no when he tried to rent a bounce house for an annual event for kids.

Why go all the way out to Canton? Well, Mullen was specifically looking for a Star Wars-themed bounce castle, and Awesome Bounce was the only one that had one fitting the description.

However, Mullen said that when he inquired about renting the equipment, he received an email saying that the company did not service Detroit because employees have been robbed and equipment has been stolen and/or damaged in the past.


Because, you know, that’s certainly not stereotyping at all.

Mullen said that he was offended, since, you know, not all of Detroit is dangerous. He also said he believes that the owner’s broad, sweeping decision is bad for business.


“[Crime] can happen anywhere,” Mullen said. “In any suburban community, crime can happen.”

Mullen said that what upset him the most was that the owner waxed poetic about how sorry he felt for the deserving children who were born in one place and not another.


Awesome Bounce offered to sell Mullen a used bounce house, but the Franklin Wright Settlement quickly nixed that idea. And while Mullen said that he understands an employer’s concern for employee safety, the broad labeling of the city of Detroit just does not sit well with him.


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