Detroit Mayor Should Return to His Playbook

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing (Getty Images)
Detroit Mayor Dave Bing (Getty Images)

When Detroit businessman and legendary basketball player Dave Bing announced that he was running for mayor, he said he wanted to fix the city, not start a new long-term job, Rochelle Riley writes in her Detroit Free Press column. Three years later, Mayor Bing should return to his original playbook at a time when he is being saddled with the playbooks of others, she writes.


Three years later, Bing appears torn between politician and purpose. It's as if he entered the job with one playbook but has been plied with the playbooks of others. And at some point, he'll have to stand up to those who make him appear unsure or conflicted, who have him headed in one direction, then have him change direction.

Too many plays are being called on the floor by too many other coaches. And he doesn't need them.

Bing, who began holding fund-raising events a few months ago to fuel his re-election campaign, needs to take a time-out. And when the buzzer sounds, he needs to focus on one move at a time.

First: Get the right players in the game.

Second: Use those players to score.

And the only points that count right now are getting the city's finances in order.

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