Derrick Nnadi Pays Adoption Fees for Over 100 Dogs to Celebrate Super Bowl Win

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On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs took home their first Super Bowl trophy in 50 years. Defensive tackle Derrick Nnadi decided to celebrate in an unconventional albeit very sweet way.


According to CBS News, in addition to making confetti angels after their win, Nnadi paid off the adoption fees for every dog at every KC Pet Project location. Nnadi had a season-long partnership with the organization, where he paid the adoption fee for a dog every time the Chiefs won a game. According to KC Pet Project, every dog he sponsored this season found a home. The organization told CBS News “Thanks to his incredible support following this win, more than 100 available dogs in our care will have their adoption fees sponsored starting today.”

This is just delightful news. As a dog lover (shout out to my pup Yuna, best dog in the game) I’m happy to see that there is one less barrier between these dogs and a good home. Nnadi’s partnership with KC Pet Project was sponsored through his own Derrick Nnadi Foundation. The foundation works to help the lives of children in Kansas City and Nnadi’s hometown of Virginia Beach.

This is only one of Nnadi’s philanthropic efforts. In September, he was the NFLPA Community MVP during the first week of the season. This came after he took the family of Kate Nixon on a shopping spree. Nixon lost her life during the mass shooting that took place in Virginia Beach last year. Additionally, he donated school supplies to the Boys & Girls Club of Southern Virginia and took a group from a Boys & Girls Club in Kansas City on a shopping spree.

Congrats to Nnadi on his Super Bowl win. Here’s hoping all of those pups quickly find a warm, loving home.

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This is the sweetest thing ever. Take a lesson from that, Michael Vick, you tit.