RJ. Wiso via YouTube screenshot

There are always two sides to every story, and when a clip of a video goes viral, you always have to wonder what happened before the cameras started rolling. And in the case of a black woman caught on camera going ballistic over having to eat in a restaurant with a service dog, the woman in question, Ciara Miller, says there’s more to the video than what was captured and posted on the internet.

In an interview with TMZ, Miller says she was out with her family at Kathy’s Crab House in Delaware when a veteran and his Great Dane service dog walked into the restaurant. Miller says her family sat at a table to eat their meal and the veteran and his dog sat near them. At one point, Miller says, the dog’s butt was in their faces, and that’s when she decided to leave the restaurant.


“I said, ‘Babe, I really can’t eat looking at a dog’s butt.’ We scooted ourselves on the side, and kept getting away from the dog,” Miller said.


Miller, who was with her husband, who is white, and their daughter decided to leave but was then approached by a white woman who asked if she was leaving the restaurant because of the dog.

“‘The dog has more rights than you do, nigger,’” Miller said the woman yelled.

It was then, Miller says, that she escorted her daughter outside, and when she came back in, seven or eight people surrounded her, yelling slurs. She says that’s when she went off in the restaurant:

Miller says that there was nothing different she could have done after being called the slurs, and that she held herself together the best way she could.


In my opinion, if Miller’s version of the story is true, her husband should have done more than just stand around looking confused.