Definitive Proof That White Women Shouldn’t Twerk

YouTube screenshot

A newly viral YouTube video caught a woman causing a major accident when her roadside dancing went horribly wrong.

As a longtime advocate of passing a law against white girls twerking, I can argue that all Becky booty-popping is horribly wrong, but this incident offers definitive evidence of why this nation needs to band together to address this troubling issue.

In the video, a woman can be seen dropping it low and doing her best imitation of something that is supposed to be sexy, along what appears to be a neighborhood street. About 29 seconds into the clip, a motorcyclist approaches, who looks at the woman for what I can only assume is his concern for her safety, since she appears to be having an epileptic seizure while her friend videotapes. Then this happens:


You can see the motorcycle rider fly over the handlebars and startle the woman, who was trying to shake what her mama didn’t give her.

According to the New York Post, the man survived with a broken pelvis and leg, but doctors have not said whether or not his eyes have stopped burning from the rhythmless roadside herky-jerk that he witnessed. No reports have emerged of the victim silently weeping to himself and having flashbacks every time he hears “Back That Azz Up.”

If you want our highways, streets and eyes safe, call your senators and member of Congress and urge them to pass the No Cakes, No Shakes Act of 2017.

Read more at the New York Post.

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