The arrest of Peter Erlinder has lawyers who defend those accused of genocide worried for their own saferty.

Defense lawyers at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, which has been prosecuting ringleaders of the 1994 genocide, are threatening to stop participating in cases after one of their colleagues was jailed by the Rwandan government last month.

A growing number of lawyers contend that Peter Erlinder, an American who represents a senior Rwandan Army officer accused of directing death squads, was arrested for his statements at the tribunal even though he is supposed to be protected by diplomatic immunity while working for it.

Mr. Erlinder, 62, is charged with denying Rwandaā€™s genocide and threatening national security through his writings and speeches. Rwandaā€™s government argues that Mr. Erlinderā€™s work can ā€œinstigate riotsā€ and ā€œcivil disobediences,ā€ but it seems that many of the statements that the Rwandan government finds objectionable are actually part of Mr. Erlinderā€™s work as a lawyer in the United States and in Arusha, Tanzania, where the United Nations-backed tribunal for Rwanda is based.

So far, 11 lawyers with imminent court appearances have formally requested that the courts postpone their cases. At least 40 in total ā€” a majority of the defense lawyers working for the tribunal ā€” have signed a general petition saying they plan not to work unless their security can be guaranteed.

Source: The New York Times. You can read the entire story here.