You know, I hate being right so much of the time. Actually I don't, but as regular readers of this blog and my own personal joint know, I have a talent for clairvoyance. So, not long after I told CNN's Kiran Chetry that Debbie Rowe would almost certainly throw her hat into the ring …

… she goes on the radio and says that she will fight for her kids. It's as if she was taking my advice, right?

Jackson's parents may have bankruptcy issues that preculde them from taking custody and I'm on record asI'm definitely rolling with Team Rowe. Not that it's easy to roll with her, because not for nothing, she was basically a Rent-A-Womb: a friend of Michael Jackson who said she'd carry babies for him. He bought her off, but I don't know that there is any way to actually terminate rights to a biological child. I mean, if you lose your dog and someone else takes him in, if you put an ID chip under his skin, then it's you'll be taking your dog back home. It's a coarse analogy, I know. But your kids are yours forever… It's not as if she was just a surrogate — the children may be hers biologically. From the curb, it looks like a sticky legal wicket that won't go away anytime soon.  She's kind of the Billie Jean of Bizzaro World, taking on Michael Jackson's family for the rights to her kids. What do you think?

Should Debbie Rowe take custody of the Jackson children?

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