Deathloop and Sifu Come Out Swinging During Sony’s First State of Play of 2021

Deathloop looks mean, y’all
Deathloop looks mean, y’all
Screenshot: Bethesda Softworks

Historically, the first year or so into a console generation results in a bit of a drought in releases, and having a whole-ass pandemic pop off in the middle of development cycles has only exacerbated that fact, with many big titles already having been delayed to next year. Still, this didn’t stop Sony from pulling up with some delightful surprises during its first State of Play event for 2021.


While there was no news on games like God of War: Ragnarok or Horizon: Forbidden West, there was actually quite a bit worth talking about, so what are we waiting for? Let’s discuss some potential heat.

Just Inject Deathloop Into My Veins Already

God damn, y’all. Every time we get an update on this game, I get more hype than I thought was possible. The new trailer not only showcased the gameplay, but debuted a jazzy, Bond-inspired theme song. As someone who finds themselves belting “I give my life, not for honor, but for youuuuuu” in the shower from time to time, I kind of have a thing for Bond-inspired theme songs.

Everything about this game, from its core hook of being stuck in a time-loop, the art style, and dynamic gameplay looks like this is easily going to be a Game of the Year contender. Excuse me while I pray to the gaming gods that I have a PS5 by the time the game drops on May 21.

Sifu is Giving Everybody the Hands

In 1995, Jackie Chan’s Rumble in the Bronx hit theaters, and ever since, your boy has been a martial arts junkie. While there have been some banging action games, very few have come close to replicating the fast-paced, hard-hitting style seen in movies like The Raid or The Night Comes From Us. 

Sifu looks like it might change that.

Developed by the team who made Absolver, Sifu looks to be fascinating across the board. Not only is combat built around kung-fu, but the single-player adventure also has an interesting mechanic where each time you die, the main character ages. I’m curious to see how all these elements come together, as this sounds like an interesting twist on the rogue-like formula. As someone who’s been dying to get my virtual Iko Uwais on, I can’t wait for when Sifu drops later this year.


Five Nights at Freddy’s is Back to Terrorize the Youth

I have to be honest, I completely missed the Five Nights at Freddy’s wave. I know they’re survival-horror games set in a world that asks the question “What if Chuck E. Cheese was totally fucked up?” Even as someone who doesn’t have much familiarity with the franchise, I have to admit that the trailer for FNAF: Security Breach piqued my curiosity. This one is on the list because there’s a chance that our younger readers grew up with the games, and I’m not gonna let my being an old head get in the way of your gaming news.


So if this was/is your jam, well, there’s more on the way.

Like Final Fantasy VII? Good, Because There’s More of It on the Way

Lastly, the event closed out with an update on Final Fantasy VII: Remake. While there was no news about the next installment in the episodic remake, they did announce that Final Fantasy VII: Remake Intergrade, an update for PS5 users, is coming this summer. The game is already mind-bogglingly gorgeous, to the point where I don’t even know how they could make that game look even better. Apparently, they’re going to, though. The PS5 version will come with an exclusive new side-story that follows longtime fan-favorite Yuffie. Those who already purchased Final Fantasy VII: Remake on PlayStation 4 will receive the update to the Intergrade version free of charge.


Also! If you have yet to play the game, it will be available for no additional charge to PlayStation Plus subscribers next month.

Overall, Sony’s State of Play was exactly what I was expecting. I kind of figured that the first year of both the PlayStation 5 and Series X would be a bunch of smaller titles and upgrades to last generation games, and so far that’s exactly what’s being delivered. Still, I do like that we’re seeing a lot more original titles like Deathloop and Sifu, and not just, like, Days Gone 2: Weeks Gone.


With Nintendo dropping their Direct last week, and PlayStation dropping their State of Play this week, all eyes are on Xbox to see what they’ll announce for the Series X.

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Enjoy Deathloop while you can because every other new Bethesda title going forward is going to be XBox/PC exclusive...