Dear Wypipo: Luke Cage Isn't Racist; You're Just Not Used to Not Being the Center of Entertainment

Still of Luke Cage
Still of Luke Cage

Netflix knew right away it had a hit on its hands when it released Luke Cage Friday. The much hyped 13-episode Marvel series definitely lived up to everyone's expectations. With it breaking the streaming service Saturday and having people already on their second binge-watching session, we already know that fans can't wait for the next season.


But not everyone is pleased with the series. There are actual people out there who feel the show lacks diversity. Yes, some white people feel the show is too black and is racist against white people. Woe is them, woe is them.

You know, I had the same exact questions when I used to watch Friends, Sex in the City, Seinfeld, Girls and other lily-white shows that took place in, of all places, New York City. So now they know how black people have felt all of these decades without representation on television.

But let's state the obvious: Obviously, none of these people complaining have ever stepped foot in Harlem. And no, I'm not talking about the more recent Harlem, which is burgeoning on gentrification with its German beer restaurants and yoga studios, but old-school Harlem. The Harlem that Cottonmouth and Luke Cage are used to. The Harlem where the tapestry was blackity-black. And that's the Harlem Netflix has re-created.

Black people have complained about the lack of diversity on television for years. And it's only been within the last couple of years that Hollywood has actually put some effort into throwing some color on the screen. But Netflix, along with Cheo Hodari Coker, showed that a black man can be a superhero in black-ass Harlem, and some white people just can't deal. Too bad. Too sad. I'm sure there are some Friends episodes they can watch online as they slowly wipe away their white tears.



Well Yesha, I’m guessing you didn’t watch Friends, Sex in the City, or Seinfeld. Woe is us you say: I could care less about the diversity that is apparently clearly lacking on Luke Cage...I also do not watch the show, nor do I know anybody who does - nothing against it, it just doesn't interest me. White folks...or wypipo as we’ve become known (why?), still make up about 70% of this country, and black folks make up about 13%. Black folks have a much, much higher than 13% representation in movies, tv, and “woe is me” right back atcha Yesha.