Dear President Obama: Stop Deporting People

Colorlines' Rinku Sen says that President Obama, who could be "the most deportingest president in history," needs a push when it comes to immigration reform.

A very short post for this holiday. As you're spending time with the kids of your family and friends this weekend, see if they'll write and send a letter to President Obama expressing their reasons for stopping his mad deportation project. The We Belong Together campaign, organized by the National Domestic Workers Alliance and the National Asian Pacific American Women Forum, is conducting its second annual Wish for the Holidays effort. The campaign is sending letters to Congress, but there's no doubt that the message will reach the president, who needs as big a push as anyone else. The deadline is Nov. 30. You can watch the sweet, motivating video for the campaign here, and get instructions for sending, as well as ideas for things to do with the kids to learn more about the situation.

The campaign collected thousands of letters last year, and already has 8,000 pledges this year. Organizers want 10,000 letters altogether. The president appears now to be alarmed that his legacy on immigration might end up being "the most deportingest president in history," and he does not like that. He can drop the label by moving immigration reform, and he can also drop it by, well, just not deporting people. Let's get the kids to tell him what he already knows. Apparently, he needs the push …


Read Runku Sen's entire piece at Colorlines.

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