DCCC Launches 'Have His Back' Campaign

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(The Root) — When it comes to getting people fired up about supporting the president's re-election, there are a couple of things that motivate: First, there's belief in and support for his agenda. Second, there's frustration, shock and good old-fashioned outrage in response to the sense that Republicans — aside from politics — have a very personal problem with him and will do and say anything to cause him to fail.


The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee seems to be tapping into that second one, and the way it inspires people to come to Barack Obama's defense, with its "Have His Back" campaign. 

According to the campaign, it's simple: Congressional Republicans have a single goal, and that's to make Barack Obama a one-term president. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader of the U.S. Senate, actually said it on TV, they point out. Plus, since Republicans took the House of Representatives, they have blocked President Obama at every turn.


"We can't allow that to happen," the DCCC's Krystal Glass says. "We must send the message that we have President Obama's back and we will help him and his Democratic allies get elected so they continue making progress."

For the campaign, that means giving voters the tools they need to fight back and support Obama and House Democrats by pledging their support, registering to vote and finding tools to spread the word in their communities.

If disrespect for the president and Republican determination to see him fail are a source of fuel for voters' efforts to "have his back" and make sure members of Congress do the same, we're guessing this campaign will be going strong through Nov. 6.

Read more at HaveHisBack.com.

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