Former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry (Kris Connor/Getty Images)

Washington Post columnist Colbert I. King says the state of America's capital city is worse now than it was in the days of former Mayor Marion Barry and the infamous crack pipe. At least he was a one-off, says King, who charges that embattled politicians are a dime a dozen in Washington, D.C., and their reign is the fault of the city's residents.

Today, we are a city under the sway of narcissistic, third-rate petty crooks, liars and hypocrites; the most disreputable city leadership since the start of home rule in 1975. When in D.C. history have we had two city legislators charged with federal crimes within six months of each other?

When was the last time two members of a mayor's campaign staff pleaded guilty to federal charges; a council member's chief of staff was arrested, convicted and sentenced to prison; and a sitting member of the D.C. Council became the target in a FBI sting operation?

How many other D.C. Councils can lay claim to having in their ranks a legislator with a record of unpaid taxes and a federal criminal violation?

Read Colbert King's entire piece at the Washington Post.

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