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R. Kelly just won’t take the L.

A judge this week entered a default judgment against Kelly when he didn’t show up to court to answer a civil suit that charged he sexually molested a woman, Heather Williams, years ago when she was only 16.


Kelly was served notice about the civil suit while he was behind bars for nonpayment of child support, and while facing 10 criminal charges of aggravated sex abuse of four other people — three of them underage at the time of the alleged crime.

All of that was just too much for Kelly, his lawyer told TMZ Friday, and said that he will fight to have the default judgment overturned.

“R. Kelly was served while incarcerated on the child support case and he was overwhelmed by the experience of being in jail,” Kelly’s civil attorney, Brian Nix, told TMZ.

Williams’ attorney is calling foul on Kelly’s claims of confusion.

“I don’t buy that. This guy knows what’s going on. He was served. His people know what’s happening,” Jeffrey Deutschman told the New York Daily News.


A hearing is set for next month on damages in the civil case. And if Kelly wants a battle, Deutschman says bring it on, telling the News:

He wants to go to trial, good. ... One way or another, I’m going to get a judgment.”


#MuteRKelly. Really.

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