Davis Wins Speedskating Gold

Shani Davis won the 1,000 meter mens speedskating event last night. If you're unawares, this is something of a thing because Davis is Black and the Winter Olympics isn't the most…colorful sporting event on the block. And in knowing this, Paul Newberry of The AP had this to say

The color of the medal mattered, not the color of his skin.

All Shani Davis was thinking about was gold.

With a furious kick on the final lap Wednesday, Davis stuck his skate across the line and won his second straight Olympic title in 1,000-meter speedskating, the first skater to win this event twice at the Winter Games.


Listen. The Buzz knows that this very site has something of a Black orientation. We discuss Black-type things A LOT. We know. Still, you have to admit the above is both cringe-worthy and hilarious.

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