Dallas Mom Calls for School Staffer to be Fired After Calling Her Son 'a Little Monkey'

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Screenshot: CBS 11 (CBS DFW)

An Edna Rowe Elementary School staffer has been placed on administrative leave and is probably about to lose their job. If you read the headline and presumed “For calling a little black boy a monkey?” you would be 100 percent correct.

Dallas mom Brittany Miner says it all began three weeks ago.

“He was jumping around, playing, 5-year-old kid behavior,” Miner told news station CBS DFW. “As she approached us and got closer she was like ‘oh he’s running around, he’s like a little monkey’.”


Instead of throwing hands, Miner gave her the benefit of the doubt and instead opted to inform the staffer that she wasn’t cool with the comparison.

“She then proceeded to say ‘Oh look at his little face,” Miner said. “That lets me know that she doesn’t have any regard to what she was saying to people of color.”

Now she’s calling for the staffer’s job and has hired an attorney to see it through.

“We want to make sure that an employee like that is not around children of color or children in general,” attorney Justin Moore said. Additionally, if the staffer isn’t fired, Moore has plans to explore a civil rights lawsuit.


According to a DISD spokesperson, an investigation has been launched and the staff member in question has been placed on administrative leave.

Neither the district nor the employee were available for comment, according to the station.

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I’m glad to see she gave her the benefit of the doubt, because I’ve referred to kids (including my own) as little monkeys (regardless of color), but the teacher fucked up when she didn’t immediately realize her mistake and apologize.

ETA: I haven’t really been around little kids for at least 20 years, so I’d like to think I’m a little more sensitive now and would not call any of them little monkeys.