Daddy's 'Baby': Donald Trump Considered Naming Daughter Ivanka to Lead World Bank

Donald and Ivanka Trump during a meeting with the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board inside the State Dining Room of the White House on March 6, 2019.
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We know Donald Trump really, really, really loves his only eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump. (Remember that creepy comment the proud papa made about a then-teenage Ivanka: “Don’t you think my daughter’s hot? She’s hot, right?”)

But, now, come to find out he actually considered appointing her to head the World Bank. The World Bank, y’all. The all-powerful World Bank, lender to the stars countries of the, well, world; builder or breaker of nations (see:Haiti).


In an interview with The Atlantic published Friday, Donald Trump said that he had considered his No. 1 daughter for a variety of top administration positions.

“She would’ve been great at the United Nations, as an example,” Trump told the magazine, saying the only reason he didn’t nominate her is because, “If I did, they’d say nepotism, when it would’ve had nothing to do with nepotism. But she would’ve been incredible.”

Then he dropped the bank bomb, saying of the offspring The Atlantic reports he sometimes refers to as “Baby” during official meetings:

“I even thought of Ivanka for the World Bank … She would’ve been great at that because she’s very good with numbers.”



Yeah. As the Washington Post notes, Trump ended up settling for nominating David Malpass to be president of the global financial institution, and Malpass was unanimously approved last week.


But, perhaps to ensure that little green man called jealousy didn’t show up around his dinner table, in talking with The Atlantic, Trump made sure to offer some praise of his, other, kids:

“Barron is young, but he’s got wonderful potential,” he said. “And Tiffany’s doing extremely well. Don is, uh, he’s enjoying politics; actually, it’s very good. And Eric is running the business along with Don, and also very much into politics. I mean, the children—the children have been very, very good.”


Welp, as frequent as the comings and goings are in this administration, there will surely be an opening on #TeamTrump sooner or later.

And apparently, Papa Trump will know just where to turn.

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