Dad Who Duct-Taped Daughter Is Out of Jail

Claudio E. Cabrera

A Chicago man who was arrested for posting a picture of his duct-taped daughter on Facebook has been released, according to NBC Chicago. Andre Curry, 21, who duct-taped his 22-month-old daughter's mouth and hands and claimed it was all a joke, wasn't laughing when police arrested him last month.

Curry, who was released last Friday, had a group of people to thank for his release. He told members of the Life Center Church, "First off, I'd like to thank God for his grace and his mercy. I would like to thank Pastor Torrey and everyone behind me for their support and everything that they've done for me. Most important of all, I'd like to thank Life Center for all of your prayers, all your donations and all your signatures. From the bottom of my heart. You are part of the reason I am free today. I praise you. I promise I will do everything in my power to bring youth to Christ."


The church had sent a letter to the judge asking that Curry receive no jail time.

Unfortunately for Curry, as a condition of his release, he will not be allowed to be around children under 18, his wife or his own child.

When we first heard about this story, we didn't know what to think. But a part of us believed his family members who said that he was basically a good kid.

This is another example of a young man experiencing the dark side of the social media spotlight. Hopefully he has learned his lesson.


Read more at NBC Chicago.

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