DaBaby Reveals Shocking Details of 1st Sexual Encounter at 5-Years-Old: ‘Bitch R. Kelly’d Me’

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I want to be explicitly clear: There is nothing consensual about a grown-ass adult engaging in any form of sexual impropriety with a minor. Ever.


As a society, we tend to be much more sensitive to these matters as they pertain to underage girls, but that same level of empathy should be reserved for their underage male counterparts as well. Far too often, men reflect on these experiences—with horror or pride—as merely “losing their virginity” when in actuality, they’re victims of blatant predatory behavior.

Over the past year, Charlotte, N.C., native DaBaby, born Jonathan Kirk, has captivated audiences with his candor and charisma while blossoming into an international superstar. But over the course of that period, he’s also been keeping a shocking secret. As revealed on an episode of Angela Yee’s popular Lip Service podcast, the 28-year-old rapper detailed his first sexual encounter.

Co-host GiGi Maguire discusses how she lost her virginity to another woman by “hunching” which the group explains as “dry humping,” when DaBaby reveals he had a similar experience at a much younger age.

“If that’s losing your virginity, then I lost my virginity at four, five-years-old,” he says.

After some hesitation, he adds, “I’ve got like two older brothers. So all the older niggas from the neighborhood, they used to come to the crib. [...] We’re little ass boys. And there was this little girl, not a little girl, they was grown. My brother was a kid. My oldest brother was a kid. So I’m a kid kid. I’m literally like five years old. And they’re in there doing whatever they was doing. And I was copying off them niggas. Humping on her leg, sucking on her titties, that type of shit. At five years old. Bitch R. Kelly’d me when I think about it.”


When pressed for the ages of the women who had taken advantage of him, he answered, “She was grown. They look like they were grown. Like 17, 18. My first time sharing that on camera. But yeah, I wouldn’t call that losing my virginity.”

While it’s impossible to verify the ages of the women in his encounter, it’s obvious that something wildly inappropriate occurred. Co-host Lore’l joked about finding the women on Facebook and taking them to jail but had the “Suge” rapper been a woman, it’s safe to assume that the tone of the conversation would’ve shifted entirely—which listeners have openly discussed on Twitter:


While DaBaby’s disturbing encounter can’t be erased, hopefully, his courage in discussing what transpired invites some much deeper, and long overdue, dialogue on the subject.

You can watch the interview in its entirety below:

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If sucking on titties is considered losing your virginity, then we all lost our virginity as babies. :)

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