Lashaun Armstrong witnessed his mother and three siblings drive into the Hudson River.

Lashaun Armstrong, the 10-year-old who witnessed his mother, Lashanda Armstrong, drive into the Hudson River with his three siblings, has become the focus of a custody battle. 

Lashaun's father, Todd Johnson, wants his son to live with his side of the family, while the boy's maternal grandmother, Datrice Armstrong, says she plans to take custody of the child. Johnson says that he wants his sister or his mother to have full custody of his son. Since Lashanda's death, Lashaun has been living with his maternal grandmother.

If the father himself is not asking for full custody of the child, then what is the argument? He has demanded that Lashanda be buried separately from her own kids; now it just seems as if he wants to cut her family out of this boy's life for good. We understand that the woman committed an atrocity, but Johnson's hands aren’t completely clean in this situation, either. If the father was so concerned about the custody of his son, he would have taken him in immediately after the incident. Hopefully Datrice can hold her ground and rightfully gain custody of her grandson. 

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