Cuffing While Celibate (The Finale): Embracing The Newbie

Courtesy of TVOne
Courtesy of TVOne

In conjunction with TVOne in support of the show, Born Again Virgin, we’re taking a look at the idea of cuffing while celibate during this “Cuffing Season”. Find out more about Born Again Virgin here! New episodes of Born Again Virgin premiere TONIGHT at 9pm on TVOne! Thanks for playing!


While the point of cuffing season isn’t necessarily to fall into a long-term relationship, the best situations usually end up that way. Let’s be real, cuffing season is a months-long audition for two people to see if they still want to speak to one another when it gets warm outside. Many a dalliances have gone the way of the condor as soon as the first hints of spring get sprung. And that’s okay, everybody isn’t meant to be around forever.

Even Obama is on the way out.

But let’s say that you and your boo did hit it off famously. While you were both looking for somebody to keep the toes warm, you both stumbled into “like” and started to tip-toe in your Jordan’s into “feelings.” You might even have your own song: every time Fetty Wap’s “My Way” comes on, you think of that cute thing he does with his UNO hand. Let’s say you even both seem to be starting to have conversations about the future. Basically, you’re actually dating with a purpose.


Now that you’ve made the realization that this person is here, possibly for the long haul (or at least for a while, kids these days, ya know?), it’s important to make sure you’re doing what you can foster a healthy relationship.

What I’m going to say is going to sound revolutionary:



Look, you’ve been doing the whole cuffing while celibate thing – which many people think is not a thing, which is fair – but now that you’re all in, you’re going to have to go all in. Which is a pun. Unintended. I’m not saying sex is the end all be all, but the reason you were holding your pillow so tight before was because you were doing something different. Well, it worked.


Get you some.


To read more, head to and read about how to keep that new thing past cuffing season into bolivion!

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Can I say as a dude that you generally know if a girl is relationship material? That doesn't mean that a chick can't get downgraded, or that you would be willing to pursue a relationship at that moment. It's just there's a difference between women you smash and women you potentially wife up. All this waiting crap is to protect a woman's ego when she finally finds out the decision that dude has made by the 2nd date at the latest.

Not only do women need to know how to be direct in giving Ls, they need to he more direct in taking Ls as well. Ain't no rule in the world going to change a dude's decision on whether or not you're wifey material for him, Point blank period. Remember, it's usually dudes who determine who becomes a jumpoff and who becomes the Mrs.