CT Teen Caught Up in Times Square Bombing Plot

Peggy Colas, a 19-year-old (shown here), wanted to pick up some quick cash and sold off her 1993 Nissan Pathfinder to a soft-spoken man who said he was going to use it to tool around New York and visit friends. It was only later that she found out the Pathfinder was involved in the Times Square bomb scare. From the New York Post:

Peggy Colas of Bridgeport recalled that the buyer — identified by sources last night as Shahzad Faisal a naturalized America of Pakistani descent — — "talked very softly, and he said he was just going to drive around and visit friends in New York," the young woman's brother told The Post yesterday.

Authorities believe that Colas sold the SUV to Faisal — who lives about 20 minutes from her, in Shelton, Conn. — on April 28 for $1,300. The man reportedly paid her in $100 bills.

Colas, a student at Post University in Waterbury, was questioned by federal authorities in Bridgeport on Sunday after they traced the SUV to her through its ID number.

She refused to comment to The Post when she came back home, saying only, "How do you know I sold the car?"

"My daughter's nervous," her mom said. "She doesn't want this guy coming after her."


SOURCE: The New York Post

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