Kangu.org – a philanthropic platform that enables donors to crowdfund safe birth environments for pregnant women in developing countries – announced the launch of a new gift-giving feature, just in time for Mother’s Day.

The tool allows users to contribute to the cost of critical medical services provided to a mom-to-be, on behalf of a special mom in their life. Each donation made on behalf of a mother will generate a personalized Mother’s Day e-card with details of the pregnant mom’s story.

Each day, 800 women in developing countries die from a complication related to pregnancy or childbirth. 90 percent of these deaths could be prevented with access to proper medical care and a safe and clean labor environment. Seeing an opportunity to save more than 250,000 lives each year, CEO Casey Santiago founded Kangu.org in 2012, in an effort to provide safe births to mothers who live in regions of the world with the highest maternal mortality rates, including areas of Uganda, Nepal, Burundi and India.

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