Crazy Uncle Joe Strikes Again: Presidential Hopeful Biden Asks Crowd About Obama’s ‘Assassination’

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Was it wishful thinking? Or just another off-kilter faux pas?

While on the campaign trail Friday, presidential hopeful Joe Biden came out of his face with an audacious thought.


The 76-year-old former Veep to forever President Barack Hussein Obama pondered the thought: “What if Barack Obama had been assassinated during his presidential campaign in 2008?

“Imagine what would have happened if, God forbid, Barack Obama had been assassinated after becoming the de facto nominee?” Biden asked a crowd at a Hanover, N.H., stop on Friday.

Surely, the thought has crossed many minds over the past decade or so. But old Joe brought it right out to the forefront.

“What would have happened in America?” he furthered.

Recalling the tumultuous political era of 1968 when two of his so-called political heroes, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert F. Kennedy, were killed within weeks of another, Biden said those events made things change for him.

Apparently, this thought pattern isn’t new territory for the gaffe-prone campaigner-in-chief, who according to recent political polls is leading in the pack for the Democratic presidential nomination. His campaign spokesperson told the New York Times that he had previously drawn the analogy when speaking to younger audiences not alive during the American civil rights movement.

Apparently, those vicious murders struck a chord for Biden, who was in his senior year at Syracuse University’s School of Law.


He embarked on a political career and became a United States Senator in 1972 at age 29.

After representing the state of Delaware of 36 years, he sought the Democratic nomination for president twice before serving under Obama for two terms.

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Why are people who claim to be moderate constantly trying to ram this walking gaffe down our throats?

Can we move on to a better candidate already?