Crazy Talk: Whiteness Might Rub Off

Definitely not one of this Black History Month's brightest moments so far: Memphis, Tenn.-based radio host Thaddeus Matthews recently spoke with Republican congressional candidate Charlotte Bergmann in an interview that had some potential to be an interesting peek into the mind of an African-American female member of the far right.

Instead, Matthews' inability to be civil led to an exchange with Bergman, whom he labeled a Tea Party member, that put him on par with the very worst stereotypes about the group. Sure, she was evasive, but his totally unoriginal and hateful insults distracted from any political points he might have made and only served to make him look like the backward one in the room.

Highlights included Matthews asking Bergmann if she was a "token of white folk," telling her to "shut up for a moment" and then calling her a "token Negro" and "full of sh—." When she ended the interview, Matthews wrapped up with, "Get your ass up out of here. Get your stupid, ignorant ass up out of my studio. Another token-ass negro."

"I'm scared," he continued, "because some of that whiteness might rub off on me."


Check out the video here (which, as Mediaite points out, was clearly captioned and posted to YouTube with someone who isn't a fan of the Tea Party).

Read more at Mediaite.

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