Crazy Talk: Travyon Was 'Fag--t Black Dude'

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The Huffington Post reports that Skyy Fischer, a Compton Unified school board member, called deceased Florida teen Trayvon Martin a "fag—t black dude," and a school superintendent a "bitch," during a recent podcast interview that understandably has community members shocked and outraged.


Some of his comments, from the Huffington Post (warning: language):

  • "that white dude that killed that f[—]got black dude in Florida. I'm going to go out and try to search for this [inaudible]."
  • "If you all see that George Zimmerman bitch, tell him I'm looking for him."
  • "That bitch superintendent wouldn't give me a f[—-]ing district car, and I told that bitch that I was going to get her."
  • "The daughter is like, doing bad in the class, and she's trying to get back at the teacher… The father comes to the board meeting, crying and sh[—] to the board, talking about his daughter's been raped and all kind of bullsh[—]. All of a sudden, this motherf[—-]er has six attorneys."
  • "Wow, so instead of you guys stealing the money, someone else is stealing the money from the district," says one host. Fisher's response: "Yeah! Yeah!"
  • "We're meeting this Tuesday at 7 o'clock. Oh! You've got to definitely come. There's solidarity with this Trayvon Martin bitch, and I'm trying to get on news so I'm wearing the hoodies at the whole board meeting… It's the perfect publicity stunt. I'm going to wear a hoodie, the news is going to come out, and I'm going to announce my candidacy for City Council, g[—]dammit."
  • "If I saw myself walking down the street with a hoodie on, I'd shoot myself too!"

Whether Fischer knew he was being recorded when he made these comments is unclear because he was returning a call from the podcast host when he made them. Listen, starting at the 7:22 mark, here:

Read more at the Huffington Post.

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