In what seems like a parody of unsophisticated views on race and politics but is unfortunately 100 percent real, Tim Garvey, a Tea Party-backed Republican candidate for the Kansas House of Representatives, made a bizarre and grammatically incorrect Facebook post in which he accused President Obama of "wanting to "f—- us over" and proclaimed that "there is no black or white … we all bleed red." It also included statements that defy interpretation, like, "Anything you or anyone in congress try's to pass a law to us the people is also passed to you."

But even more curious than the message itself is Garvey's response to the backlash it has inspired, according to the Huffington Post. While he stands behind the message, he says, "It would have been better if I had left out the f-word." He also presents this idea: "There should not be race." Why? "I have talked to people in the past who said that they voted for Barack Obama to show they're not racist."

At the time of his post, Garvey said, he was upset about Obamacare. "I was really fed up with people smearing the Constitution and spitting on the Founding Fathers' idea of how the country was founded," he said.

Garvey, who noted that he has black friends, said he does not see people through a racial lens and wants others to look beyond race. He said that one of his campaign volunteers is both a longtime friend and a black Democrat and that he does not play that up while campaigning.


That's right; he doesn't play up his black friends while campaigning — just when explaining his rants against the president. Wow. We — as well as, hopefully, Kansas voters and Saturday Night Live writers — will be keeping an eye on this guy.

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