Crazy Talk: Six Flags Snubs Teen With Locks


Loop 21 reports that college student Markeese Warner was turned down for a summer job at Six Flags. Why? Was it that she wasn't friendly? Didn't want to work outdoors? Was bad with kids? Nope, it was because of her hair.

It seems that locks really interfere with one's ability to operate a food concession, in the amusement park's view. The 35,000 people who have signed the petition in support of Warner — and probably most people with common sense — disagree.

One summer day, Markeese Warner journeyed to Six Flags in her home state of Maryland for a job interview with the amusement park’s food services. Warner, 21, like most college students was looking for a summer job to make some money before returning to Pennsylvania State University in the fall for her senior year. On the day of the interview, Warner wore a black business dress, a pair of flat shoes, with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. Professional as usual for any job interview.

But much to Warner's disbelief, when she was called into the human resources office to be interviewed, she was told that she was in clear breach of a very strict employee policy.

The interviewer, a black woman with curly natural hair, told Warner that she could not continue the interviewing process because Six Flags Corporation has a policy against "extreme hairstyles," which includes mohawks and, astonishingly, Warner's dreadlocks. While Warner may have met every other requirement for the job, her hair was an apparent roadblock

"I just smiled and I left," Warner said. "It was mind blowing."

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