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Questions about male-female relationships, religion or anything else? You're in luck if you're seeking out narrow-minded, cliché-ridden, stereotype-enforcing advice. Jasmine Suntrell pulled together some of the divorced Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man author's classic commentary to explain why his messaging rubs her the wrong way. And now we can all enjoy it, courtesy of Clutch magazine. Some highlights:

On why women should avoid at all costs men who are atheists: Harvey is not sure exactly what atheism is, but his approach when he meets someone who doesn't believe in God is to "pack it up and go home" because that person is "an idiot" without a moral compass. (Take note! There is only one way to be a decent human being these days.)

On evolution: He disputes that life on Earth started with a "gastris ball." (We're not sure what that is, either!) The reasoning: "We evolved from monkeys? Why we still got monkeys??" (Oh. Why has the evolution debate been going on for so long when we had an expert willing to address this so definitively?)

On why men cheat: Because women are willing to cheat with them. (Simple! Now, if each of us just figures out a way to be the only woman on Earth, infidelity won't be a problem.)


On any man who's not interested in women: Not a "real man." (Sorry, gay people! You're now fake, according to Harvey's Law.)

Read more at Clutch magazine.

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