Don Lemon and Goldie Taylor (CNN)

CNN's Don Lemon set out to discuss the public reaction to the shooting of unarmed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin with guest Goldie Taylor, but their side conversation about the racist (not to mention hypocritical) Twitter attacks they've suffered since they began discussing the case ended up being some of the most revealing commentary of the segment.

After a commercial break, Lemon revealed that someone on Twitter had responded to the coverage of the Trayvon case by saying, "Don Lemon, you are a racist. You are fixated on this one issue over and over. We want to hear the news, not your personal agenda. Go work for BET."

"That was the nice one. He didn't call me the n-word," Lemon commented.

Taylor volunteered, "I've been called the n-word more collectively over the last 72 hours than I have my whole life," She added, "I was checking my Twitter, and someone said, 'I'll shoot you,' and my response was, 'You better be a quicker draw.' "

Watch the clip here, courtesy of CNN:

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