Congrats CNN, on your "swagga" segment FAIL. We all know that mainstream news can be stiff by nature and necessity, but that's a reality that exists because, more often than not, attempts to be 'hip' and relevant tend to fall flat on their face. It's pretty clear by his on camera demeanor that correspondent T.J. Holmes was talking about this by the watercooler one day and a producer walking by thought it'd be a *great* segment idea. So, F-minus to T.J. for not putting the kibosh on this trainwreck.

And Kyra Phillips? Michelle Bachmann cringe-worthy. In fact, I think I resent it much less coming from Bachmann because at least she was making a horrible attempt to fall in line with Michael Steele's delusions of attracting the hip-hop vote. What's the excuse in ATL? Yes; FLOTUS and POTUS have exchanged victory pounds. Yes; POTUS and FLOTUS are both black and do things that much of black America can identify with. But no; it's not alright to approach the aforementioned facts as if they are doing a jig for your amusement.


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