Court's Decision Proves Fantasia Is Telling the Truth

Fantasia Barrino is vindicated.

Fresh from our "Vindicated" file, Grammy Award-winning singer Fantasia Barrino is probably breathing a sigh of relief. is reporting that a North Carolina judge ruled in favor of Fantasia Barrino’s former lover Antwaun Cook in his divorce proceedings against his former wife Paula Cook, saying the pair separated on Sept. 14, 2009, and not in June 2010, as Paula had claimed. Paula is suing Barrino for causing an "alienation of affection" in her marriage to Antwaun because of his alleged affair with Barrino. According to court documents, the Cooks were indeed legally separated when Antwaun began seeing Barrino. It is unknown whether Paula will continue to pursue a lawsuit against Barrino under North Carolina’s unique "Alienation of Affection" law. Sheer embarassment and looking like someone trying to extort money from a celebrity should stop Paula Cook in her tracks. Let's see if it does.



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