Cosby to Trump: Run or Shut Up

On the Today show this morning, Donald Trump took his Birther theory to another level, continuing to question President Obama's citizenship. Yawn. That and his refusal to say for sure whether he has real plans to run for president are pretty much old news.

The most entertaining part of the program came when Bill Cosby — who was actually on the show to discuss his efforts to support education — responded to Meredith Vieira's earlier conversation with the potential Republican candidate.


"He's full of it," declared Cosby, later adding, "The only thing he's running is his mouth."

While Vieira pressed for more detail about his attitude, Cosby — not entirely unfamiliar with mouth running himself — explained that he's tired of Trump's "Will he or won't he?" refusal to be clear about whether he'll run for president. His message to the real estate tycoon: "You run or shut up."


Well, the sentiment is nothing new. But hearing it from the actor-comedian in his signature style lightened up Trump's infuriating insistence on trying to keep people obsessed with the false scandal of the president’s citizenship. (And when it comes to politics lately, if you don't find something to laugh about, you might cry.)

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