Eudy Simelane, murdered earlier this year.

From BBC:

The trial of three of the men accused of the rape and murder of one of South Africa's leading sportswomen, the openly gay football star Eudy Simelane, starts in South Africa on Wednesday.

Thirty-one lesbian women have been reported raped and murdered in homophobic attacks in South Africa since 1998.

But according to Triangle - a gay rights organisation - only two cases of "corrective rape" have ever made it to the courts; there has been only one conviction.

"This is a sad fact in this country generally, women are very reluctant to come forward," says Sharon Cox from Triangle.

"Corrective rape" is the term used to describe the rape of a lesbian woman by a man to either punish her, or "correct" her behaviour.


Ms Cox says rape is power is South Africa.

"The thinking is, all it takes is one good man to cure you of being a lesbian," she told the BBC's Newshour programme.


Triangle says it deals with up to 10 new cases of corrective rape every week.

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Raping and beating the heterosexuality into a woman? Um, no fellas. Not even close. Ever. At all.

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