Cornel West: MLK Would 'Turn Over in His Grave'

Professor Cornel West (Getty Images)

Professor Cornel West, the radio personality and scholar, on Friday lashed out at organizers of Wednesday's 50th-anniversary commemoration of the March on Washington, saying that it offered scant celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. and his accomplishments, according to Mediaite.

He said the event merely highlighted "the coronation of the bona fide house Negro of the Barack Obama plantation, our dear brother Al Sharpton."


Further, he said, the event was unremarkable because black leaders are too fearful to speak out against the nation's first black president. "Our leadership now is so sold out," he said. "It's so bought out. It's so deferential. It is so subservient that I think Martin Luther King Jr. would just shed tears and turn over in his grave."

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