Sheriff Joe Arpaio

ColorLines is reporting that in a recent press release, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona announced that Lou Ferrigno of The Incredible Hulk fame had decided to join Arpaio's posse of 55 volunteers and "round up illegals" β€” or, presumably, people who look like they're undocumented β€” in the Phoenix area. "I am here because of my strong stance," Ferrigno said, according to news reports. "This posse is the power of the country."

He should have added that he's here because he has nothing else to do, since his last gig was as Michael Jackson's personal trainer, before the pop star died. We wonder if he's going to put on green makeup for this gig. Action-film star Steven Seagal is also expected to join Arpaio's posse, along with actor Peter Lupus, who made his mark with Mission: Impossible. Seriously? They do know that "rounding up" folks requires the ability to run. They may want to drop a few pounds.

Apparently none of the stars will get any special treatment. "They will wear the same uniforms, so you can't tell the difference, " Arpaio told reporters, adding that the posse plans to work with sheriff's deputies in targeting smugglers and businesses suspected of employing undocumented migrant workers. Could it be that Sheriff Arpaio is angling for a reality series? Sounds like a bad episode of Cops Gone Wild to us. We've just never seen such a blatant disrespect of federal law. Maricopa County is spending $10.1 million to defend Sheriff Arpaio's right to harass β€” we mean "round up" β€” so-called illegal aliens. Now, this is an example of gangbanging.

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