Suspected cop killer Maurice Clemmons was shot dead in Seattle following a two-day hunt for the man believed responsible for killing four police officers. From CNN:

"The suspect in the deaths of four police officers in Lakewood, Washington, had a weapon from one of the slain officers when he was shot and killed Tuesday, police said.

A Seattle officer on routine patrol shot and killed Maurice Clemmons, 37, in south Seattle after Clemmons challenged him, authorities said.

Several people who allegedly tried to help Clemmons elude police have been arrested, said Ed Troyer, a spokesman for the Pierce County Sheriff's Office.

"They're going to pay for it," he said.

Chief Bret Farrar of the Lakewood Police Department thanked his law-enforcement colleagues Tuesday after police shot and killed a man suspected of killling four Lakewood police officers.

"I knew they would bring this to a resolution," he said."

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Here's a fun fact from the case: In 2000, Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee pardoned Clemmons who was doing a 95-year stretch.