Straight from the "you're your own worst enemy" file, convicted sex offender Michael Lynn Light was arraigned for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after failing to comply with a request by police officers. Light was riding his bike through a closed-off section of a street, posing a threat to passersby. Police officer asked him to stop, and he began cursing and pushed a police officer. Light proceeded to ask for directions to the "Little Miss Fairborn" pageant so that he could take photos. After he refused to cooperate with police officers by struggling with them, it was discovered that Light is indeed a convicted sex offender. Let's get this straight: A sister in Seattle gets punched in the face for jaywalking, and a pedophile, posing a risk to the public in more ways than one, struggles with police officers and gets nada. We don't make this stuff up; we just highlight the contradictions.