Convicted killer and former millionaire Robert Reldan

Convicted murderer Robert Reldan has lost his multimillion-dollar inheritance to the family of Susan Reeve, the woman he is convicted of killing. Reldan, 70, inherited the money from his aunt Lillian Garis Booth, whom he was also convicted of plotting to kill in order to get said inheritance. We are not making this up. Reldan was convicted of Reeve's murder in 1979, but because of prior rapes being mentioned during that trial, he won a retrial. He was convicted of Reeve's murder again in 1986 and is currently serving a life sentence at Trenton State Prison. In 2008 Reeve's family filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against Reldan. The family will now receive $10 million from Reldan's trust that Booth left to him. The Reeve family plans to establish a scholarship fund at Hollins University in Virginia in Reeve's memory. An aunt leaving money to a scheming, predatory nephew is insane. Having said money go to the family of one of his victims is priceless.



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