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There's nothing more annoying than losing the remote control. It gets trapped between the couch cushions or slips underneath the coffee table or gets picked up and carried into the kitchen, never to be returned. Well, the brand-new GlideTV Navigator remote control won't help you with that problem. But it is going to change the way you control your entire home theater system. At $150, the small wireless remote control includes a host of buttons to control basic TV functions like the power, the volume and the channels.


But, of course, that’s not all it does. It also includes a large center trackpad area that brings the control of a computer mouse straight to your remote control. The GlideTV remote helps sync your TV up with a PC, Mac, Sony PlayStation 3 and any other device that supports mouse/keyboard devices through a USB wireless receiver—and can be used to launch Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and more directly on your TV screen. Plus, it comes with a recharging station that ensures that you won’t ever have to face that other dreaded remote control problem: dead batteries. Your search for the perfect remote control is finally over.

Chris Yuscavage is the former lifestyle editor at VIBE and lives in Jersey City, N.J.

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